Abington Emerson Investments, LLC (“AbingtonEmerson”)

AbingtonEmerson is a privately held investment firm focused on the acquisition and management of value-add real estate.

AbingtonEmerson is a direct investor in real estate as the owner and operator as well as a partner to select local operators.  Our philosophy is to identify and acquire value-add real estate assets directly or to partner on acquisitions with strong management teams that know their individual markets and have proven track records.

With a strong focus on, and extensive experience in, underwriting complex real estate transactions and assessing the business operations and financial capacity of entities in the real estate industry, AbingtonEmerson takes a strategic approach to risk. AbingtonEmerson seeks investments that offer significant growth potential due to factors such as market displacement, poor management, under utilization, or inferior positioning in the marketplace.

AbingtonEmerson’s principals have held senior management positions and have experience and specific expertise in investing and managing distressed real estate assets, residential developments, mortgage lending, mortgage servicing and REO management.  AbingtonEmerson’s current holdings include residential, office, multi-family, mobile home park and hospitality real estate assets.